Amid ZB1’s Cursing Controversy, Wakeone Announced Strong Legal Actions Against False Information

At nearly 2 am February 3, Wakeone, ZEROBASEONE’s management company announced:

“Recently, false information about our artists has been spread indiscriminately through online communities and social networks.

As we have reported through several previous announcements, we will have a zero-tolerance response to acts that violate our artists’ personal rights and privacy and threaten their safety.

kim jiwoong

Through Sejong Law Firm, we filed a complaint with the investigation agency against those who came to the artist’s dormitory on charges of illegal entry, etc. and this investigation is ongoing.

In addition, the police agency has received complaints against those who illegally possessed our artists’ personal information and attempted to contact the artists by phone, and at the same time, the investigation of a number of suspects is complete.

Regarding the incident of intentionally threatening the artist, after the court issued a search and seizure order, an investigation is underway.

For those who create and spread false information and posts related to artists, we will clarify the truth through digital examination of images, videos, sounds, etc., even if it takes a while and we would like to announce once again that we will mobilize all available resources to protect our artists.

Additionally, to prevent incidents like this from happening again, we will take strong legal action against those who spread false information, post malicious comments, etc. without any future agreement or leniency.

Our company promises to make every effort to avoid harm to our artists and their loving fans.

Thank you.”

Previously, Kim Ji Woong, a member of ZEROBASEONE caused controversy due to cursing right after finishing a fancall with a fan. After the screen turned black, the fan could still hear the idol said, “Ah ssibal” (F*ck). It seems the male idol didn’t know that the fancall was still connected. After the fan posted a video of the fancall on X, many netizens have come to criticized the idol.

Source: LSB

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