T-ara Areum Exposes Husband’s Abuse Of Their Children Amid Divorce Lawsuit

Amid her divorce process, former T-ara member Areum (Lee Ah-reum) accused her husband of abusing the children

On March 2nd, Areum posted on her SNS account, saying “As you may know, I’m currently in the middle of a lawsuit. I’ve been proceeding with the lawsuit carefully because it’s a sensitive matter, but I believe that the public should know this”, adding “Things like child abuse that I only saw on the news happened to my children”, adding that she had already taken custody of the children.

Areum confessed, “Throughout our marriage, Kim, whom I am suing, gambled, and took loans at his will, and never provided living expenses for the family”. She continued, “I met my children during the interview negotiation and heard shocking stories from them. From what I know, the child less than a year old was thrown onto the bed very often. The older child, who is five years old, would be punished, hit, and kicked out of the house for making noises while Kim and his mother were sleeping.”


She revealed more shocking details, saying “He not only spat on the children’s mouths out of anger but also peed on their faces and pooped on the face of the older kid”, adding “There are bruises on the children’s bodies. This happened only to the children, but throughout our marriage, he had also assaulted me and done more shocking things”.

Areum added a recording of her child talking about the issues she mentioned in the post and a photo of bruises all over the kid’s body. She said, “I’ve collected all the recording evidence. I will definitely fight until the end and win the lawsuit”. She added, “I’ll tell you guys the bad things he had done to me during our marriage later. The reason why I didn’t reveal it earlier despite facing criticism is because of the children. Once he touches them, I will not allow any mercy or forgiveness.”


Lastly, she said, “I sent them to him due to his promise of a quick divorce”, adding “I had continuously tried to bring them back, and now, after finally taking them home with me, I found out about those shocking stories and wanted to let the public know about them”, signaling further revelations.

Born in 1994, Areum made her debut as a new member of T-ara in July 2012 but then left the team in July of the following year. Last year, she appeared on JTBC’s “Sing Again 3” and delivered her whereabouts after a long time.

Areum married a businessman in 2019 and has two children. She filed for divorce in December last year and recently surprised everyone by announcing her new lover and plan to remarry.

Source: Daum

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