Hwang Jung-eum, LABOUM’s Yulhee, T-ara’s Areum: Girlgroup Members Who Have Scandalous Divorce

How hard it must have been for them to announce the divorce news to the public?

Sugar member and actress Hwang Jung-eum announced on February 22nd that she and her husband Lee Young-don are currently filing for divorce. According to a media outlet, Lee Young-don is the reason for the divorce.

Before officially announcing her divorce, Hwang Jung-eum made a weird post about her husband on her SNS account on February 21st. In response, the public predicted Hwang Jung-eum’s divorce and the next day, she admitted it was true.

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Hwang Jung-eum married Lee Young-don, a professional golfer-turned-businessman, in 2016 and gave birth to a son. They went through a breakup in 2020 but reunited and had a second child in 2022. The public thought they would have a solid family life once facing divorce, now expressed shock at the news.

Yulhee, a former member of girl group LABOUM which debuted in 2014, announced her divorce in December last year. Yulhee got married with member Choi Min-hwan from FT Island in 2018, gave birth to a son and twin daughters. They couple appeared on KBS2’s “Mr. House Husband” to reveal their family life. When she was in the midst of idol activities, she got married and received criticism, but she was later supported by the public thanks to revealing her harmonious family life on the show. Therefore, the news of Yulhee’s divorce surprised many people.


The custody of the three children will be held by Choi Min-hwan, not Yul-hee. In response, Yul-hee explained about the custody, saying, “I decided that it is right for the kids to stay in the space where they have lived so far so that they do not face realistic problems and psychological anxiety.”

Areum, a former member of T-ara, also chose to divorce. She debuted in 2012 and was not active in entertainment after announcing her marriage in 2019. She announced her re-remarriage upon divorce last year, which became controversial. There was a rumor that Areum’s new partner was an ex-convict. Regarding this, Areum warned of legal actions against false accusations.


Source: TenAsia

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