Hanteo Music Awards: Fans Shout “Kim Ji-woong Leaves” During During ZB1’s Performance

Amid ZB1 Kim Ji-woong’s swearing controversy, fans even fought during the recent Hanteo Music Awards

The 31st Hanteo Music Awards was held on the 17th and 18th of February at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. The event was attended by various artists, including YB, Parc Jae-jung, NCT DREAM, ATEEZ, aespa, ZB1, Kiss Of Life, TripleS, etc. 

Kim Ji-woong

Day 2 of the award ceremony made headlines due to problems that happened during the event. The floor area was Standing rather than Seating. However, since the organizer didn’t provide proper measures to ensure security, the crowd flocked towards the area where the idols were sitting. Seeing fans in the crowd pushing each other, several artists even tried to calm them down, saying “It’s dangerous, please take a step back”.

Amid the chaotic scene, the fight between ZB1 fans shocked everyone. In particular, right after ZB1 completed their performance, someone in the Standing area shouted, “Kim Ji-woong Leaves”, demanding Kim Ji-woong’s withdrawal from ZB1. 

Kim Ji-woong

Kim Ji-woong is at the center of controversy since a fan claimed that the male idol swore at her with a fancall evidence video. Kim Ji-woong and ZB1’s agency Wake One denied the allegation but criticism intensified as they could not provide a clear and convincing explanation. As such, many fans expressed disappointment and raised their voice asking the male idol to leave the group.

According to fans attending the event, Kim Ji-woong stans hit the person who shouted loudly and created a chaotic scene in the Standing area. Witnessing the intense fight, ATEEZ members were all taken aback.

The video showing the fan shouting “Kim Ji-woong Leaves” spread widely in online communities, becoming a hot topic. Seeing the scene, netizens commented, “I feel so sorry for ZB1 members”, “Event he artists were shocked to see the fight”, “This must hurt other members so much”, etc.

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