Seo In-young: “Beat IU in the bathroom? Almost have a fight with Jessi? It’s a lie”

Seo In-young will explain the absurd rumors surrounding her.

In episode 15 of Channel IHQ’s entertainment program “It’s on us!” which airs at 10:30 p.m. today (Nov 2nd), singer Seo In-young from girl group Jewelry will appear as a guest.

Seo In-yoùng

In a recent recording, Seo In-young played the “Truth or Lie” game with 3 MCs (Son Dam-bi, So Yi-hyun, Ahn Young-mi). They took time to clarify various rumors surrounding Seo In-young, including IU, Jessi, her “behaving like a boss” and “being an R-rated expert”. First of all, about the rumor that “I took IU to the bathroom and beat her”, Seo In-young said it was a lie, “If I want to hit her, I should do that in the waiting room. Why would I drag her to the bathroom? I’ve never taken IU to the bathroom or beaten her. IU once explained that it didn’t happen.”

Seo In-yoùng

Regarding the rumor that “I was on the verge of a physical fight with Jessi”, she confessed, “I met Jessi for the first time at the age of 17 and we got close quickly because we got along well with each other. In fact, celebrities need to get to know each other before they can even joke around. I just played a joke on Jessi, and she also jokingly said ‘We almost had a fight.'”

Hearing this, 3 MCs felt sorry, “It was an ad-lib for broadcasting. We were just joking around for entertainment shows.” Seo In-young added, “We didn’t think deeply, but there was an uproar around us” and revealed that the above-mentioned rumor was also a misunderstanding.

Seo In-yoùng

In addition, Seo In-young explained the rumors of her “behaving like a boss” and “being an R-rated expert”. 3 MCs expressed their sympathy, “If celebrities are embroiled in gossip, they only have to talk about it, right? But everyone tends to summon and connect it to the past. We think this is an algorithm.”

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