After Hints On Retirement, BoA Revealed In Newest Interview, “Being The MC Is More Like Me Than Being The Judge”

Singer BoA expressed her affection for her fans.

On April 19th, the fashion magazine ‘ESQUIRE Korea’ posted a video titled ‘The hardest choreography for BoA to dance?’ on its official YouTube channel.

In this video, when asked, “What did you think was the most important thing when producing ‘NCT WISH’, your first ‘child’?” BoA replied, “First of all, I think the biggest mission was to make sure that these people were united well. In fact, they are not people who have been training together, so they are all mixed with those who have practiced for a long time and those who have trained for less than a year. That’s why I think they have tried a lot to get closer to each other in that regard.”


When asked, “You’re active in various fields other than singing, which one of you is more like ‘BoA’?” BoA said, “Being an MC. I’m not that harsh. But the judge has no choice but to say bitter things for the future of the contestants. Every time I did that, it was really heartbreaking. But the MC can just say, ‘You’re good, you’re good,’ so I feel more comfortable.”

Above all, BoA expressed her love for her fans, sharing her t-shirt gifts. BoA said, “Don’t we always receive goods from our fans? I wanted to give them something. I wanted to give gifts to the fans who came to see me at all three music shows, but the production came out late, so I could only give the t-shirt to selected people. I worked hard packaging them.”

Lastly, BoA told her fans, “Jumping BoA (her fandom name), thank you so much for always silently supporting and loving everything I do, and thanks to that love, we will come back with better music and better activities.”

Meanwhile, BoA recently posted hints that she will retire after her contract with SM Entertainment ended, which led to fans sending trucks to SM to ask for better treatment of their idol.

Source: naver

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