“Street Woman Fighter 2” Monika confesses affection for Lia Kim, “She was the reason I started dancing”

Monika’s mention of Lia Kim on “Street Woman Fighter 2” surprised everyone

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” broadcast on September 19th aired unreleased legendary stages. In particular the No Respect battle between Wolf’Lo ace Babysleek and 1MILLION leader Lia Kim.

Before their battle, Babysleek said, “Both of us love poppin’ and we’ve performed together a lot. But I think she has only been focusing on choreography. Have you ever practiced freestyle? I wanted to see it myself”. In response, Lia Kim confidently said, “I believe that I can do street dance much better now compared to when I was younger”. As a result, Babysleek won with a complete victory of 3:0.

After watching the battle Judge Monika drew attention with her special review.

monica lia kim

Monika confessed, “In fact, Lia unnie was the reason I started dancing. I followed her like a member of a fanclub. I also learned poppin’, locking, and old-school genres from Hye Rang unnie (Lia Kim). And I received the hip-hop inspiration from Sleek unnie.”

She continued, “It’s such an emotional scene right now. When Lia unnie turned to choreography, I was still focusing on battle. I didn’t understand why she did that back then. But I believe that it was possible because she’s a dancer who can digest various genres. On the contrary, Sleek unnie stayed with battle until the end. That victory has shown who you are”, then applauded both Lia Kim and BabySleek.

Monika smiled and added, “I feel like I’m seeing two amazing lives at once”, adding “‘No matter what life you choose, you just need to do your best’. I received lots of encouragement from that saying. Dance makes everything become less significant to me. I really enjoyed the stage, and I felt so touched”.

Street Woman Fighter 2” is a reality program for female dance crews.

Source: Wikitree

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