The way Mnet evaluated the crews based on Youtube views in the Mega Crew Mission sparked anger among netizens

Controversies continue to rise over the Mega Crew Mission of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”.

The way the evaluation was based on the views of performance videos on Youtube has received negative responses from the viewers.

Many people had raised the question about the fairness in the competition when the dance crews performed their collaboration stages with celebrities and got remarkably a lot of views.

Moreover, Mnet’s pre-released preview for the 5th episode has further stimulated the audience’s dissatisfaction.

After seeing the dancers cried because of the views, netizens left harsh criticism, such as, “Mnet, are you a bully?”, “The more I watch, the more unfair the evaluation seems to be”, “The videos that rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd place all got pushed by celebrities; it’s so unfair.”

As can be seen in the preview for next week’s episode, the dancers were waiting to hear the result of the Mega Crew Mission.

The score of each crew for the Mega Crew Mission was shown on screen. It was revealed that the highest score was 285 and the lowest was 265, adding to the viewers’ curiosity about the winner.

MC Kang Daniel’s remarks in the following scene also drew attention. He said, “We don’t know whether the No.1 crew who score the highest point will continue to dominate or the ranking will change completely that make the game be overturned completely in the last minute.” and raised the tension of the game.

Then, the dancers shed tears one after another. WANT Choi Hyo Jin cried and said, “I prepared the stage bearing in mind that I had to do my best.”

Next is the scene when PROWDMON Monika shared, “To be honest, I was really upset”, and a short part of Honey J’s interview was shown, “I felt that what we had done so far has been denied.”

In particular, fans were even sadder because of LACHICA Gabi’s words. She said, “Actually, we were heartbroken when we saw the number of views.”

In response, a netizen stated, “I want to know how the points were counted based on views. I felt that the dancers had done their best.”

Another netizen commented, “You gathered all the legendary dancers here and treated them like this. This makes me angry.”

Meanwhile, “Street Woman Fighter” is a reality survival program to find out the best street dance crew in Korea. Since its first broadcast, the show has received great attention and has ranked 1st in the non-drama categories for 3 consecutive weeks.

Sources: dispatch

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