KARA Heo Young Ji to make solo debut after 9 years of her singing career

KARA member Heo Young Ji will officially debut as a solo singer this summer.

According to a report by My Daily on June 3rd, Heo Young Ji already confirmed her solo debut 9 years after her debut and is working hard to prepare for it. Although Heo Young Ji once released her self-composed song “Memory Clock” in 2017, this will be her first official debut as a solo artist, so the female singer is extremely excited about it.

In particular, as Heo Young Ji recently joined KARA’s 15th-anniversary album promotion in November and made a successful group comeback not only in Korea but also in Japan, she also gained momentum for her solo debut.

Heo Young Ji

Ahead of her solo promotion, Heo Young Ji will hold a solo fanmeeting in Tokyo, Japan, and start carrying out various activities.

Meanwhile, Heo Young Ji joined KARA in 2014 and made her debut through the group’s 6th mini album “Day & Night”. Since then, she has been active in various fields, including singing, MC, acting, etc., and is well-loved by the public for her cute visual and bright charm.

Source: Daum

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