“Throw it into the sky and receive it,” fromis_9’s Chaeyoung gained attention for her tip on how to receive Valentine’s gift 

Chaeyoung said the tip has been successful for her for many years. 

On the 12th, fromis_9’s Chaeyoung (Lee Chae Young) had some fun communicating with fans on the global fandom platform Weverse. Where one fan asked for tips on how to receive chocolate on Valentine’s Day, Chaeyoung answered, “Throw it into the sky and receive it. I’ve been doing it this way for several years.”

Lee Chae-young

In other words, the tip to receive chocolate with little chance of failure is to gift it yourself. 

The answer received many “likes” and eventually boomed online. Netizens said, “LOL, that’s a great tip,” “I’m the person chosen by heaven!” “So funny,” “Does Valentine’s Day chocolate fall from the sky?”

Lee Chae-young

The response was considered a positive sign as Chaeyoung was seen having cried on Weverse Live last month when she came across a malicious comment. The incident gave rise to a wave of criticism that Weverse should take stronger measure against these types of cyber attacks. 

fromis_9 member Chae Young

fromis_9 was formed through Mnet survival audition program called “Idol School” in 2017 and has been active with 8 members after Gyuri left the group. The group moved Pledis Entertainment under HYBE in 2021.

Source: wikitree

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