aespa’s Giselle Criticized Amid Karina – Lee Jae-wook Dating News?

A recent update from aespa’s Giselle, which was published amid the dating news of Karina and Lee Jae-wook, has received criticism. 

On February 27, aespa’s Giselle published a photo on her Instagram story. The photo itself wasn’t anything special – just a simple photo of Giselle holding a bottle of strawberry milk with the caption “strawberry milk for today”. 

aespa’s Giselle-karina-instagram

However, quickly after the photo was published, a Chinese netizen shared a screenshot of Giselle’s post, along with the caption, “Such a great timing to talk about strawberry milk”. 

It can be inferred that the sarcastic caption is mocking Giselle for posting an update when her fellow group member – Karina, is embroiled in dating rumors with actor Lee Jae-wook. 

lee jae wook-karina

As of the moment, the post mocking Giselle has received thousands of likes, shares, and comments, with other Chinese netizens also agreeing that Giselle should have kept silent amid Karina and Lee Jae-wook’s dating news. 

In fact, the key words related to Giselle’s post has even trended as a hot search of China’s largest SNS platform Weibo, with many criticism targeting the female idol. 

aespa’s Giselle-karina-instagram

Upon seeing this trend, however, many other netizens were perplexed. According to these people, Giselle’s update is not relevant to Karina’s dating life, so the timing is not at all inappropriate. 

Comments such as “How is a group mate’s dating news related to the food another member’s food?”, “It’s just strawberry milk… Should she talk about drinking Karina’s wedding wine instead?”, and “Giselle always shares about her daily life moments with fans, so why should she stop because Karina is dating”, can also be found. 

Source: K Crush, Weibo

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