Here’s why dancer Aiki cried and expressed her sadness to Henry on “Fly to the Dance” 

There was a conflict between Aiki and Henry. 

In episode 11 of JTBC’s “Fly to the Dance” which was broadcast on August 12, Aiki and Henry had a conflict of opinions.

“I LIKE IT LIKE THAT,” a stage that Aiki asked to do, originally had Gabee in it. However, as Gabee was unable to join due to visa problems, Henry promised to fill in for her. 

Yet, during practice, Henry suddenly refused to do the stage and said, “I don’t think I can do this,” and the atmosphere froze. Aiki continued practicing without Henry and said, “I’ll just do it as a solo.”

Later, Aiki expressed her disappointment to the production team as it was the first time that she and Henry didn’t get along well. She said, “I thought I would do it alone, but I couldn’t do it. I was a human too, so I was a bit upset.”

According to Lia Kim, Aiki was already practicing with Henry in Korea. Aiki is fond of Henry enough to say, “If I met a good person through this program, it would be Henry.”

In the chilled practice atmosphere, Aiki appeared exhausted and disappeared out of the camera with her face covered. Lee Jung, Lia Kim and others followed after her. 

After crying, Aiki continued to practice “Baby Shark” with a stiff expression in the swimming pool. Then, Henry appeared and gave a thumbs up. He did a cute dance and made the members burst into laughter.

Aiki later muttered in the interview, expressing her cute anger. She said, “I don’t want to say that I cried because of Henry.” Eventually, their conflict was resolved and the episode ended with Aiki saying “Let’s do it.”

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