Jung Haein Recalls Being Mistaken for a Student, Shares Memorable Moments with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

On the official YouTube channel of Harper’s Bazaar Korea on Feb 1st, a video featuring Jung Haein and behind-the-scenes stories of his dramas such as ‘Something in the Rain’, ‘D.P.’, and ‘Snowdrop,’ was uploaded.

In the video, Jung Haein answered questions, mentioning his preference for black color. He shared, “When I open my closet, 80% of my clothes at home are just black. There might be some differences in details.” 

Jung Hae-in

When asked if he often wears black even at press conferences or in casual settings, he replied, “I like not standing out too much. Because even during filming, working, or photo shoots for dramas, I wear cool, flashy, and pretty clothes. So, I want to feel comfortable in my everyday life, and I prefer not to stand out. That’s why I wear a lot of monochrome or black outfits. It just feels comfortable for me.”

Jung Hae-in

Continuing, when asked if he had ever been mistaken for a student while wearing glasses, he laughed and responded, “I think when Westerners see East Asians, there’s a part where they can’t estimate the age, and there are many aspects that make us look young. So, I’ve had that experience, not just me. It feels good. Looking young is a good thing.”

He also mentioned a photo taken by BLACKPINK’s Jisoo during the filming of ‘Snowdrop,’ where they worked together. Regarding the picture where he posed with a gun, he said, “That photo was probably taken by Jisoo with a film camera. Even on set, she went around taking pictures with a film camera, not just for me but for many seniors and colleagues. She would send those pictures individually as files. So, I have a very grateful memory of that time during the filming of ‘Snowdrop’.”

Source: daum

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