After getting married yesterday, Ko Sung Hee stuns netizens by releasing her wedding pictorial 

“New bride” Ko Sung Hee draws attention with her wedding photos. 

On November 21st, Ko Sung Hee posted new pictures of herself with a heart-shaped emoticon on her own Instagram.

Ko Sung Hee wedding

The published photos show Ko Sung Hee posing in various pure white bridal gowns. She gains keen attention by showing off her goddess-like figure in an elegant dress that exposed her shoulder. 

Ko Sung Hee also stuns netizens by revealing her superior proportions in a floral mini dress. She shows off her long, slender limbs and small face. She also wore a veil and gave off a graceful and innocent aura.

Netizens who saw the photo were impressed and left messages of congratulations on Ko Sung Hee’s Instagram, “She’s really a goddess. Congratulations on your new start”, “You are pure and beautiful”, “Sincere congratulations on your marriage. May your every day be colored with happiness”, “You look so pretty in wedding dresses. Congratulations”, etc.

Earlier, on November 20th, Ko Sung Hee held a private wedding ceremony with her non-celebrity groom at a hotel in Seoul.

The wedding ceremony was attended by famous volleyball player Kim Yeon Kyung, and model Kang Seung Hyun, who are Ko Sung Hee’s best friends.

Ko Sung Hee wedding dress

Meanwhile, after her debut in 2013, Ko Sung Hee made her face known by acting in the dramas ‘While You Were Sleeping’, ‘Mother’, ‘Suits’ and the movie ‘Roller Coaster’.  She recently appeared in Genie TV’s original series ‘Gaus Electronics’.

Source: Wikitree.

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