Past photos of Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend is drawing attention

The past photos of weather forecaster-turned-influencer A, Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend, are drawing attention again.

Past photos of Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend is drawing attention

On the official Instagram of TenAsia Beauty, photos and introductions of A were posted in November 2018. “She is a former KBS weather forecaster and is currently active as an influencer,” the caption says, “The first impression of her was that she looks like an ABG.”

“Her usual steady exercising is the secret to her healthy balanced body, which can rarely be seen in Korea,” it says, adding, “She is not dressed up and easy-going, and she looks the same with the Instagram photo.” A is introduced as “show herself as it is.”

Actor Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend influencer A (TenAsia Beauty's official Instagram capture)
Actor Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend influencer A (TenAsia Beauty’s official Instagram capture)

“She is currently sharing various tips related to beauty and fashion. She has a good sense of fashion and is always flooded with inquiries in the comments about the items she wore,” the post reveals, along with A’s Instagram account. However, the account has been deleted. 

Along with this, the released photo shows A at a pictorial shooting with Ten Asia and her daily life spending time at restaurants and shopping malls. 

Actor Kim Seon-ho (CJ ENM)
Actor Kim Seon-ho (CJ ENM)

Earlier, the controversy over Kim Seon-ho‘s private life erupted on the 17th of last month due to the revelation of A. At that time, A revealed through the online community that Kim Seon-ho forced her to have an abortion while promising to marry her, but suddenly changed his attitude after the procedure and eventually broke up with her.

Later, Kim Seon-ho admitted to the controversy and apologized, and A also accepted the apology and deleted the disclosure. However, situation changed on the 26th of last month when Dispatch reported that Kim Seon-ho had a hard time due to A’s frequent affair and luxurious life. The advertising industry, which had cut Kim Seon-ho off, put up his videos again, and the film production team, which had been discussing dropping him off, decided to film with Kim Seon-ho.

On the morning of November 1st, Dispatch released the messages of Kim Seon-ho and A in a new report. According to this article, unlike the part where A claimed in the disclosure that “I got trashy messages from him after revealing my pregnancy,” Kim Seon-ho sent her messages such as “Don’t worry,” “I’ll take responsibility,” and “Let’s get married.”

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