Park Hyung-sik Explains Reason ‘Strong Girl Bong-soon’ Staff Suspected His Romance With Park Bo-young During Filming

PD Na Young-seok recently invited Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik, who recently made their comeback with the drama “Doctor Slump”, to his live broadcast on “channel fullmoon”.

During the livestream, PD Na Young-seok brought up the story about Park Hyung-sik’s chemistry with his co-stars, saying “I heard you made eye contact with your partners in a different way”. Upon hearing that, Park Shin-hye added that Park Hyung-sik’s affectionate eyes and kindness could make others fall in love with him.

park hyung sik-park bo young

Continuing the discussion, Park Hyung-sik told an anecdote during the filming of his past drama “Strong Girl Bong-soon”. Revealing that his eye contact with co-star Park Bo-young created a misunderstanding among the staff, the actor said, “While filming the drama, the way I looked at Park Bo-young made the staff wonder if there was a romance between us.”

He continued, “As rumors spread within the production team, Park Bo-young even said to the director, ‘Try acting with Hyung-sik, I’ll film you and him. Let’s see how he looks at you. I’m sure it’s the same”. Listening to the story, Park Shin-hye agreed that Park Hyung-sik actually looked at others that way.

After the live broadcast, this scene spread widely on social media, drawing keen attention from netizens. Many drama fans also recall Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young’s moments in “Strong Girl Bong-soon”, proving that this is one of the most loved K-drama couples.

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