Fans enraged after female Kpop idol got harassed right on stage? 

A video of a female idol being harassed by a man has been making waves on the Internet, making fans enraged. 

On January 1st, a video of VIVIZ Eunha started to gain attention with over 500,000 views. Here, a keen eye netizen noticed that the female idol was suddenly touched by a stranger. 

In particular, VIVIZ just completed their year-end performance in Taiwan, and was standing in line to greet fans in the video. Suddenly, a man standing behind Eunha moved his hand up, touching her. Noticing this, the female idol flinched and moved to the side. 

The video is gaining huge attention on SNS 

Seeing the video, many fans believe that what the man did was sexual harassment. Angered, they mass-sent emails to the organizers of the event, and requested for clarification from the organizers as well as better protection from VIVIZ’s agency. 

On the other hand, many audiences believed that said man was a bodyguard, who accidentally touched Eunha while protecting the female idol when another man (dressed in blue) stood too close. 

They also advised Eunha’s fans to stay calm and await further details from the organizers. 
Eunha, formerly from girl group GFriend, is a member of VIVIZ 

On the other hand, the organizers responded to fans, saying, “There might have been accidental body contact due to the crowded stage. We have been made aware of the situation and have issued a stern warning to the body guards to ensure none of this occurs again.”

Meanwhile, several fans published videos from other angles, where it can be seen that the man didn’t really touch Eunha. They asked the fandom to end the situation calmly in order to not affect their idol. 

Source: k14

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