Nana reveals shocking full-body tattoo again, even the collarbone is a canvas

Actress Nana once again revealed her full-body tattoo that has been the talk of town.

On April 6th, Nana uploaded a sponsored post of an Alexander McQueen bag on her social media account and attached several photos. 


In the photos, Nana appears in short blunt bangs and a unique polka-dotted dress, exuding a chic yet edgy aura. What most catches the eye, however, is Nana’s full-body tattoo. In particular, with ink covering her collarbone, arms, and legs, the actress drew admiration for her daring, haughty, yet simultaneously gorgeous image. 


Meanwhile, when asked about her full-body tattoo at the press conference for the Netflix series “Glitch”, Nana replied, “I got the full-body tattoo not because of my character, but because I wanted them myself. If the opportunity arises, I think there will be a day when I can talk about the meanings behind my tattoos. They are all tattoos I got for personal reasons.”

Source: Nate

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