A Rare and Endangered Type of Fragrant Flowering Plant Discovered and Named After BLACKPINK’s Lisa

A new fragrant plant species discovered in Thailand has been named after BLACKPINK’s Lisa, honoring her inspiration to the student researchers.

Researchers from Chiang Mai University in Thailand have recently discovered a new type of fragrant plant in Narathiwat province. 


This plant is classified as one of the rarest and has the highest risk of extinction in the world. The plant has been given a special name, “Bunga (Flower of) Lalisa”, in honor of BLACKPINK’s Lisa, who inspired the group of student researchers.

The scientific name of the plant is Friesodielsia Lalisae Damth., Baka & Chaowasku.

The decision to name the plant after Lisa is a fitting tribute to the idol’s immense impact and popularity, especially in her home country. 

Source: twitter

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