BLACKPINK Lisa publicly addressed the ‘Money’ issue of cultural appropriation

Not only causing a frenzy around the world with MV LALISA, Lisa (BlackPink) recently made netizens excited with a special video for the song MONEY.  With a catchy melody, the female idol also showed very skilled and cool choreography.

However, Lisa’s image in this song quickly received negative feedback from a part of netizens. Accordingly, in the video, Lisa can be seen wearing braid extensions that come very close to box braids. This is a hairstyle that is mainly popular among Africans and the African diaspora, as well as a rather typical hairstyle for colored women.

blackpink lisa money

Many commenters believe Lisa’s use of this hairstyle is “cultural appropriation” because it is a part of African culture, not Asian culture. Even though braiding hair is common in many cultures, it tends to make many Africans uncomfortable and criticizes the female idol. Many netizens even expressed anger and asked her to apologize for this act of “cultural appropriation”.

A fan shared this story with Lisa during an online fansign, reminding her of the ongoing controversy. Since this is such an important issue, Lisa paid close attention and even requested that her conversation with this fan be extended up to 6 minutes, even though the time limit was only 90 seconds.

blackpink lisa money

After listening to the sharing, the female idol expressed her confusion and immediately apologized. “I didn’t know… like, I didn’t have bad intentions. I thought that the hairstyle was very cool. But I feel so bad, and it’s like, I’m very sorry someone got hurt from that.” – The BlackPink member said.

This fan also said that she just wanted to inform Lisa about the situation and problems, not wanting her to feel too guilty.  Finally, the female idol said she would make sure everything was thoroughly checked with the staff and be more careful in future projects.  Lisa also expressed her gratitude to the kind fan who told her about the story so that she could have a chance to correct it in the future.

Fans were pleased to see Lisa willing to listen to and receive the audience’s feedback about her controversies. Above all, the female idol took stock of herself and publicly apologized. Netizens also wished for her to continue to improve in the future.

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