Park Sung Woong, Park Sun Ho & Kim Hee Jung’s new film “LIVE SHOW” highlights the seriousness of sexual exploitation

The upcoming film “LIVE SHOW”, starring Park Sung Woong, Park Sun Ho and Kim Hee Jung, will deliver a warning about online sex crimes.

On June 13th, the press conference for the movie “LIVE SHOW” (director Choi Joo Yeon) was held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Entrance in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Director Choi Joo Yeon, actors Park Sung Woong, Park Sun Ho, and Kim Hee Jung attended the event.

Park Sung Woong

“LIVE SHOW” depicts a real-time chase that begins when freelance PD Dong Joo (Park Sun Ho) finds out that his girlfriend Soo Jin (Kim Hee Jung) is broadcast live through a link and confronts an unidentified gentleman (Park Sung Woong) to stop the live show.

Regarding the movie, director Choi Joo Yeon said, “After watching a video on Youtube about sexual exploitation, I realized the seriousness of the problem and got my inspiration for the movie.”

Park Sung Woong, who plays the gentlemen, explained the reason he decided to participate in this project. He said, “I liked the fact that this work contains a social message. Also, actor Park Sun Ho, who is sitting next to me, is a junior I like so I wanted to join him.”

Park Sung Woong

Park Sun Ho shared, “I was attracted by the character Dong Joo. I like the fact that he has both a sense of justice to save his beloved person and the strength as well as the boldness to confront bad guys”, adding “It’s my first time leading a movie”.

Kim Hee Jung said, “After reading the script, I found the content itself thrilling and enjoyable, apart from the character I play. Moreover, it tells about a topic that can be sensitive to anyone, but the director handled it well. Above all, I feel good being able to deliver the message about things that can happen around us.”

Director Choi Joo Yeon also mentioned the process of researching for the film, saying “The concept of ‘LIVE SHOW’ went beyond the level of sexual exploitation. I delved into the act of paying for live streaming of hidden camera footage that is difficult to access. I found inspiration through watching documentaries and programs from various media sites and platforms, such as Netflix.”

Park Sung Woong

In addition, the director continued, “I was worried a lot about the script since it deals with a social controversy. While writing the scenario, I thought about my loved ones, my family, and the people around me. I don’t want such things to happen to anyone, and I believe that everyone should be concerned about this problem.”

Showing strong support for director Choi Ju Yeon’s debut feature film, Park Sung Woong said, “The result came out exactly like what made us want to work together in the first place. Since it delivers a social message, I hope the movie receives favorable responses and viewers can recommend it to people around them. It is important to have numerous screenings so that everyone can watch it, so I kindly request for it to be shown in many theaters as well.”

“LIVE SHOW” will premiere on June 28th.

Source: Daum

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