BLACKPINK Rosé edited into a prostitute in Chinese drama, producer apologized

An edited photo of BLACKPINK Rosé was used in an unsavory scene of a Chinese drama for “media play”, leaving netizens enraged. 

Recently, the Chinese drama “Justice in the Dark”, which is based on a famous boy love novel, was aired, drawing huge attention. However, on February 20th, a scene from this drama went viral for a negative reason, leaving audiences enraged. 


In particular, fans of BLACKPINK discovered an edited photo of Rosé in an unsavory scene. Here, the cast of “Justice in the Dark” were looking through photos of prostitutes on a dark web, and BLACKPINK Rosé’s photo was among the prostitutes – an extremely insulting use. 

The edited photo of Rosé used for a prostitute (right) and the original photo 

As a result, netizens expressed great ire towards the production team of “Justice in the Dark”, believing that they not only disrespected Rosé, but also illegally used the BLACKPINK member’s image. Many also claimed that “Justice in the Dark” was probably using Rosé for “dirty media play”, and can’t help but show their anger. 

It seems that the production team was made aware of netizens’ reactions, seeing that they deleted the scene with Rosé’s image within the same day. However, no official apology was issued, showing that “Justice in the Dark” is blatantly ignoring the public’s ire. 


Finally, at midnight, February 21st, the art team for “Justice in the Dark” spoke up and published a statement. Here, they claimed that they were “careless during production”, and apologized for staining the image and reputation of Rosé. According to the team, an official apology was also sent to Rosé herself. 


Nevertheless, many netizens remain convinced that the entire situation was just a “media play” ploy for “Justice in the Dark”. They also hope that Rosé’s agency, YG Entertainment, will take strong measures against such unsavory actions. 

Source: k14

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