Son Ye Jin once quitted a movie due to feud with production crew, her replacement was Hyun Bin’s first love?

Fans were glad Son Ye Jin left the production, since the movie turned out to be a failure. 

The star actress Son Ye Jin has rejected many works across her career, including the star-studded 2011 movie “My Way”. With a cast consisting of famous names like Jang Dong Gun, Kim Shi Hoo, Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing, Japanese talent Joe Odagiri, and many more, the film was highly-anticipated to become a box office hit. 

Son Ye-jin
Son Ye Jin has rejected many works across her career, including the star-studded 2011 movie “My Way”

In addition, the production crew also announced that they worked hard to fix the script and highlight the female lead. Therefore, they wanted to invite Son Ye Jin , who they believed was a top star. While Son Ye Jin initially agreed, she pulled out of the project just as quickly, with her agency citing their disappointment at the production team. Accordingly, Son Ye Jin’s role in the series was also cut off, and became an unimpressive character in the movie. 

Son Ye-jin
Son Ye Jin left the cast of “My Way” quickly after joining

As a result, the actress missed out on co-starring with many international stars, but this turned out to be a smart decision. Apparently, “My Way” cost 28 million USD to produce, but only managed to garner around 16.5 million USD in ticket sales – a failure compared to initial expectations. 

my way
Son Ye Jin missed out on co-starring with Lee Dong Gun, Fan Bingbing, Joe Odagiri, and more.

While Son Ye Jin’s character was never officially confirmed, fans who watched the movie and looked into the cast deduced that she was supposed to play Eun Soo, a role later assumed by actress Lee Yeon Hee. This actress, who was the star of “East of Eden”, was never highly-regarded in the acting industry, and was often called a “talentless visual” for her shining beauty but not-so-stellar acting skills. In fact, even now, the only nicknames surrounding her are “the happiest beauty from SM”, “the princess of SM”, and most surprisingly, “Hyun Bin’s first love”. 

Out of these, the last title actually came from Yeon Hee and Hyun Bin’s shared project “A Millionaire’s First Love”, where the actress played the first love of Hyun Bin, and managed to make a lasting impact. 

Lee Yeon hee Blue Dragon Film Awards
Lee Yeon Hee is nicknamed “Hyun Bin’s first love”
lee yeon hee hyun bin
This is due to her having collaborated with Hyun Bin in “A Millionaire’s First Love”
lee yeon hee
Even now, Lee Yeon Hee is not highly regarded for her acting skills
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