Lee Min Jung shared photos from 14 years ago and stunned everyone with her beauty 

Lee Min Jung boasts her goddess-like visuals in a throwback post.  

On May 17th, Lee Min Jung posted three photos of her on her personal Instagram with the caption, “I also opened my Cyworld photo album… Wow, photos that are full of memories. 14 years ago? Oh my…”.

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung was born in 1982, and these photos were taken 14 years ago when she was 26 years old. In the last photo, Lee Min Jung in a school uniform is staring at the camera while drinking orange juice. Her gorgeous facial features, from dark long hair, small face, on-point brows, and beautiful eyes, to her pretty nose and lips, draw attention. 

Lee Min Jung

In the other two photos, her clear, distinct features and innocent aura stand out. Lee Min Jung’s visuals have always been iconic. 

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung is most known for her roles in dramas such as ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘Smile, You’, and ‘Once Again’. She married actor Lee Byung Hun in 2013, and gave birth to their son in 2015. By replying to fans with witty comments on Instagram, she is showing off her unexpected charm. 

Source: Wikitree

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