“Remarriage & Desires” ranks 6th on Netflix Worldwide, 1st in 4 countries, including Japan

Kim Hee Sun’s new drama “Remarriage & Desires” is on the rise, landing 6th place in the Netflix global viewing rankings. 

According to data on the Netflix analysis site FlixPatrol on July 20th, the new K-drama “Remarriage & Desires” rose to 6th in Netflix Worldwide, recording its best performance since the start of air. This Netflix original series initially debuted at the 8th position, and has since risen 2 rankings, now on the verge of entering the top 5.

In particular, “Remarriage & Desires” topped the Netflix viewing rankings in 4 nations, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia, while achieving 2nd place in Vietnam and 3rd place in Thailand and Malaysia. In Taiwan, the series also managed a position as high as 4th place.

Outside of Asian countries, “Remarriage & Desires” is also captivating European viewers, ranking 6th in Poland, 7th in Italy and France, and 10th in Switzerland. When it first debuted, the K-drama got into the Top 10 in 32 nations, but now this number has increased to 49 countries. 

In the home nation, Korea, the series has been consistently ranking second ever since its release on July 15th.

“Remarriage & Desires” is a satire work on the Korean society that tells the desire in the remarriage market, revolving around upper-class marriage information companies. So far, the series has embraced many unique charms found in K-dramas, such as the fast-paced development, unconventional setting, and intense expressions of the characters, creating an immense appeal for audiences around the world.

In addition, the series is also gaining sympathy from female viewers, as it features the “original Hallyu starKim Hee Sun‘s acting transformation, Cha Ji Yeon’s charismatic character, and Jung Yu Jin as a rare villain.

“Remarriage & Desires” is Kim Hee Sun’s first time starring in an OTT series, leading to it becoming a hot topic from the production stage. As this is a work that deals with the secret marriage business of the upper class, affairs, and the desire for power, the project presents a large and splendid scale, unconventional storytelling, and fast-paced development in every episode.

Source: daum

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