Lee Hyo-ri Received Mixed Reactions From K-netizens For Going To A Club As A Married Woman

Lee Hyo-ri, Hwasa, Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Wan-sun have been spotted at a club, Internet users are showing mixed reactions to Lee Hyo-ri as she is a married woman

Photos and videos captured of these four celebrities visiting a club in Itaewon, Seoul, spread around online communities on October 15th. 

Lee Hyo-ri, Hwasa, Uhm Jung-hwa, and Kim Wan-sun are known to have visited a clothing brand event on that day, and the four are seen dancing and enjoying a friendly atmosphere in the club in the viral video.

Lee Hyo-ri

While these are the legendary female solo singers in the music industry and recently showed off their strong relationship and perfect chemistry through tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road,” the four are said to have shown off their extraordinary aura and enthusiastic singing. 

However, some netizens are arguing over whether Lee Hyo-ri, the only married woman among the four, should have visited the club. Netizens who have a negative position say, “A married woman should not go to a club without her husband,” while some argue, “What era are you living in?”, and “How is it wrong to go to an event held by a brand?” 

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