YG rookie girl group BABYMONSTER is embroiled in another controversy due to their parents’ online behaviors

YG rookie girl group BABYMONSTER is wrapped up in a controversy about their parents’ activities on SNS.

BABYMONSTER is currently receiving much attention from the public. The group gathers 7 beautiful and talented members and is expected to make it big in the future. However, before the rookie girl group can make their long-awaited debut, they are wrapped up in a controversy. Nevertheless, this time around, it is due to their parents’ online behaviors.


On social media, BABYMONSTER members’ family are actively showing their support for their daughters. Chiquita’s mother updates her daughter’s and the group’s status on TikTok and Instagram, while Haram’s mother usually responds to questions about Haram online. Pharita’s mother went the extra mile and sent a bouquet of flowers to BLACKPINK Lisa for helping her junior.

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While fans and the general public applaud parents’ supportive behaviors, they also believe disclosing their daughters’ personal information can unknowingly become an act of privacy violation. The situation grows direr when most of BABYMONSTER’s members are minors.

This is not the first time BABYMONSTER stumbled across an age-related allegation. Previously, netizens were opposed to Chiquita’s debut as she is only 14 years old. On another occasion, the production team was embroiled in a controversy for mounting a camera on the bathroom wall and showing the members from a disturbing angle.

Chiquita is 14 years old at the moment
The production team for the “Last Evaluation” behind-the-scenes series received criticism for mounting a camera at a disturbing location  

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