YG announces that they will sue malicious comments for obstruction of business and defamation to protect their artists

On the afternoon of October 14th, YG Entertainment stated, “Since our artists have received huge love from the public, we have refrained from taking legal action so far. We believe that certain slanders are something that can be endured. However, rumors about our artists are increasingly mass-created to criticize the artists. Many people are making personal attacks, sexual harassment, and privacy violations towards our artists. Therefore, we think it is difficult to tolerate the reality.

According to YG, based on what fans reported from the beginning of this year to the latest month, they have looked into a large number of website posts that violated the rights of their artists. They also closely reviewed the issues that were marked as ‘excessive’.

why can't YG artists' fandom grow as big as SM or JYP

As a result, YG has selected and sued various malicious comments and acts of spreading false information habitually for insulting, obstruction of business, and violating the Network Act (defamation). YG also stated that if YG artists’ reputation continues to be seriously damaged or the damage is considered hard to recover in the future, strong legal measures will be taken to protect the artists.

Lastly, YG said, “We would like to thanks fans again for their helpful reports. We are reviewing all the data that fans have sent us. In the future, if you find any abuse related to our artists, please report it to us right away. We will become an YG Entertainment that constantly strives to protect our artists.

Sources: naver

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