What makes aespa Winter’s fancam attract so many views despite mixed reactions to her stage presence?

This is the reason why many fans find Winter’s “pucca” fancam so addictive. 

In recent days, the “Step Back” fancam of aespa’s Winter has been drawing much attention. As of February 10, 12 days after being posted, Winter’s fancam has exceeded 8.3 million views. This helps Winter rise to the Top 3 4th generation female idols with the most-watched individual fancams. 

Netizens are having mixed opinions about this viral fancam of Winter. Some question whether fans ran Youtube ads for the video to get such a high number of views in such a short time. However, aespa fans explained that fans have only been running ads for the past 3 days, while the view count of this fancam has been increasing at a dizzying speed since the start. 

Winter (GOT The Beat) – Step Back Fancam (M!COUNTDOWN January 27, 2022)

Some netizens are also confused because in terms of stage presence, facial expressions, and dancing skills, Winter is clearly less outstanding than other GOT The Beat members, especially her experienced SM seniors, but she ends up being the one with the highest fancam views in the group. Winter’s dance moves are deemed not powerful enough, lacking energy. These netizens believe that Winter’s fancam only goes viral thanks to the eye-catching thumbnail, not because of her charm during the performance. 

aespa winter

Explaining the attraction of Winter’s Step Back fancam, many fans point out that it is because of… muggles (non-fans). Out of the four aespa members, Winter is known as the “muggle pick” in Korea. This means that she is noticed by many non-fans, so viewers who are not interested in K-pop when scrolling through YouTube will click on Winter’s fancam out of curiosity.

In fact, this is not the only viral fancam of Winter. She has a total of 21 fancams with more than 1 million views, and is in the top 4th generation female idols with the most million-view fancams. Thanks to being the pick of Korean muggles, plus the overload cuteness of her pucca hair and expressions, Winter has successfully bagged another super viral fancam. She is about to dethrone ITZY’s Ryujin to become the 4th generation female idol with the most-viewed fancam. 

aespa winter
Winter is a member who is always noticed by non-fans in Korea, which partly explains the high view count on her fancam 
aespa winter
Not only aespa’s fans enjoy Winter’s fancam 
  • Winter is the muggle pick out of 4 aespa members.
  • Many muggles watch Winter’s fancams because she has the most special charm in the group.
  • Karina has the biggest fan base but Winter is aespa’s muggle pick
  • Winter has so many viral fancams. It is for a reason that she is loved by many fanboys.
  • She is cute and pretty. Winter is not the best dancer, but she has her own charm when performing.
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