Ailee Recalls Performance in North Korea, “The Audience Pretended They Didn’t Know My Song”

Singer Ailee made a guest appearance on Park Myung-soo’s radio program

Ailee guested on KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” broadcast on December 4th and talked about her national tour.

DJ Park Myung-soo introduced Ailee, saying “She’s a person I really like. I must confess this. She’s a vocal goddess”.


Park Myung-soo then read the first question from a radio listener, saying “Ailee came to this radio show like the first snow. What did you do on the day of the first snow?”. In response, Ailee replied, “I was sleeping at that time. I didn’t even see the first snow falling and only knew about it afterward. It was my day off so I slept a lot”, drawing laughter.

Park Myung-soo continued asking, “You are doing a concert tour, right?”. Ailee replied, “I’m doing a national tour. I’m performing in 9 cities. I do the concert tour every year.”


When asked about what to expect at her concert, Ailee said, “You can listen to Ailee singing carol songs during the Christmas season. I’ll probably do a carol performance at the concert in Gwangju. There’s one more thing. Next year will be my 12th debut anniversary. I’ve released so many songs but couldn’t sing them all. That’s why there would be a live section where the audience can make song requests and I will sing them right on the spot”.

As Park Myung-soo recommended that Ailee should invite guests, for example, SEVENTEEN, aespa, TXT, Sunmi, Chungha, etc., to her 30th-anniversary concert, Ailee said, “I’ll probably do it”. Hearing that, Park Myung-soo reacted, “Thank you for your promise. I think you should hold the concert at Jamsil Gymnastic Stadium”.


Later, Park Myung-soo asked Ailee, “You performed in North Korea once, right? How was it?”. The female singer confessed, “That’s right. It was a new experience. I was very nervous. I was a little afraid that I would cause trouble if I made a mistake while singing”.

She added, “I sang ‘I’ll Go To You Like The First Snow’ and everyone was pretending that they didn’t know the song. However, when I met them in the bathroom after the performance, they said, ‘I’m a fan’.”

“Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” airs from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. every day on KBS CoolFM.

Source: Ailee

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