G-Dragon Was Confident From The Start, “I Never Took Drugs”

His words turn out to be true

An additional interview with singer G-Dragon, who is suspected of taking drugs, was reportedly released by Yonhap News TV on November 21. The singer was more confident than ever when stressing he never used drugs.

g dragon

Based on a recent statement by A (29 years old), the head of an adult entertainment business in Gangnam, Seoul, the police suspected that G-Dragon had taken drugs at this place in December last year and launched an investigation. However, G-Dragon’s position on the investigation has been consistent since the start, “I didn’t do drugs.” In fact, the police have not secured any evidence other than A’s statement, and are being pointed out for their poor investigation.

According to police on November 21st, the National Forensic Service recently notified the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation team that the detailed evaluation of G-Dragon’s nails showed a negative drug reaction. Earlier, G-Dragon was tested negative in both reagent tests and hair tests. This means that no drug ingredients have been found in any of the tests conducted so far.

g dragon
g dragon

In the additional interview footage released on the same day, a reporter asked, “Is it something you have to endure as a celebrity?”, G-Dragon replied, “I am enduring it and I have to endure it. That’s why I often act cautiously. Celebrities must take care of themselves thoroughly because they are receiving attention and love from the public”

He emphasized, “Some celebrities took drugs due to the feelings of emptiness or stress, but I don’t do that. I need to find my own way to relieve such negative feelings but it should never be drugs”.

G-Dragon finally said to fans, “I’m sorry to make you worry, but I hope you don’t worry too much and just wait for the results.”

Source: daum

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