HyunA and E’Dawn celebrate 6 years of dating

HyunA and E’Dawn always loves each other firmly, even though they have been together for 6 years

YunRecently, HyunA posted a series of photos of her taken with her boyfriend, Dawn on Instagram. The idol couple has just passed their 6th year together. Although spent a long time together and faced many difficulties, the two still stick firmly. 

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HyunA gives a lot of beautiful words to her lover: “Since 2016, no, from the first day we met until now, I have always been by your side, making me happy.  Thank you for always believing in me, always the most interesting boyfriend in the world.  I love you so much ~ “

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The couple has publicly dated since August 2018. However, at that time, they did not receive support from the management company – CUBE Entertainment. For that reason, CUBE kicked them out of this company. 

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In early 2019, HyunA and E’Dawn joined PSY’s P-Nation to continue their efforts in their singing career. They appear in front of fans and do not hesitate to express their affection for each other.  HyunA said about her lover, “Although he is a quiet person, he is the only one who makes me feel confident with a beautiful smile on stage”. E’Dawn is also extremely sweet.  When sharing about his girlfriend: “I have a lot of respect for HyunA.  Although being a famous star, HyunA is very humble, attentive and extremely considerate to me”. 

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