Ra Mi Ran takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster in “The Good Bad Mother”, which climbs to its highest rating yet

Episode 6 of “The Good Bad Mother” moves viewers to tears thanks to actress Ra Mi Ran’s raw acting performance.

Following a slight dip in the fifth episode of “The Good Bad Mother”, the drama makes a strong comeback with an 8.056% rating in Seoul and a 7.7% nationwide rating. It is also the highest viewership rating at the moment, breaking its set record in the fourth episode. The drama shows how amazing Ra Mi Ran’s acting is approximately halfway through the drama.


Episode 6 of “The Good Bad Mother” is filled to the brim with comedy… until the last 10 minutes. The majority of the runtime is Kang Ho running around to return Mi Joo the wallet she accidentally dropped.  In another development, Mi Joo manages to open a nail salon without costing a penny.

Kang Ho spends much time with Mi Joo

At the same time, Young Joon goes around shopping and preparing gifts for the neighbors in the village. What she does not know is that they are planning to betray her. When Trot Baek’s friends move back to the village, they are persuaded to join a league that start a protest to get rid of Young Soon’s pig farm.   The plan is to open a large-scale theater in the now-abandoned piece of land.

Nonetheless, the episode takes an unexpected turn when the friends all band together and opt out of the protest at the last minute.

The whole village almost betrays Young Soon

When things start to look up for Young Soon, the audience is taken aback when she is diagnosed with stage-four stomach cancer. It was the actress’ delivery of the range of emotions that moved the audience to tears. She went from disbelief and confusion to acceptance and even desperation.

Young Soon shows off amazing acting chops in conveying a spectrum of emotions during a short time  

The drama observes a sudden shift in mood after the cancer diagnosis.  When Kang Ho runs to her and accidentally falls, she sternly tells him to stand up on his own. While Young Soon is outwardly stern, some believe she is worried she may not have the time to help her son.

“The Good Bad Mother” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM (KST) on Netflix and JTBC.

Source: JTBC 

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