Is it “absolutely” impossible to have a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder in real life?… A lawyer who watches “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” explains this

Amid the growing interest in autism spectrum disorder through ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, a lawyer also express his opinions on whether an autistic person can become a lawyer.

In an interview with OSEN on July 14th, Jung Chan, CEO of the law firm Vits Law, expressed his thoughts about a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder. He said, “As far as I know, Korea has not had any lawyer with autism spectrum disorder”, adding “There are also no restrictions on going to law schools or taking the bar exam for autistic people. Therefore, if they get the qualifications, that’s enough for them to become a lawyer.”

Park Eun Bin

Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is currently a hot topic as it keeps breaking its own rating records in every new episode. The 5th episode, which aired on July 13th, made headlines by recording a nationwide rating of 9.1% and 10.3% in Seoul area, according to Nielsen Korea. In particular, the drama is also achieving global success by topping the non-English TV Show category on Netflix. 

In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Woo Young-woo meets with clients and solves cases with excellent ideas. She naturally blends in with her co-workers at the law firm. Lawyer Jung said, “If there is a lawyer like Woo Young-woo, I think we can work well together. I don’t have much knowledge about autism spectrum disorder, but I think it is important to be considerate little by little.”

Park Eun Bin

If so, is it possible to work with clients and attend trials like Woo Young-woo?

Lawyer Jung said, “Being an attorney is not all about meeting people and going to court. Prior to that, reading and writing documents related to litigation also plays a large part. If one demonstrates their competence as a lawyer in other areas besides dealing with people, they can join us.”

Park Eun Bin

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Now that the drama has gone almost halfway into its run, attention is focused on what kind of ending Woo Young-woo will face in the 16-episode series.

Source: Daum

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