Fans Unite to Bid Farewell to BTS V and RM on Enlistment Day

BTS members RM and V are enlisting in the military today

On the 11th, RM and V will enter the Nonsan Training Center in Chungnam to fulfill their mandatory military service. After receiving basic military training here, they will serve as active-duty soldiers in the Army.

It was revealed that V applied for a position in the Special Warfare Command (SDT) of the Army. Their expected discharge date is in June 2025.

In the early morning, the Army training center’s enlistment screening area appeared relatively calm, with not many people gathering except for those undergoing the examination.

However, around 11 a.m., RM and V, along with numerous soldiers and family members, arrived at the enlistment screening area. The military and police prepared for the possibility of a crowd and any sudden accidents or crises.

The atmosphere was further intensified as nearby residents and some fans gathered at the scene.

In a cafe near the enlistment screening area, the atmosphere welcoming BTS members’ enlistment continued, with hit songs like ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Fire’ playing.

Buses with pictures of the members were also seen operating near the enlistment screening area, attracting attention. The buses were adorned with messages from fans such as ‘Taehyung (V’s real name), keep the warmth. Please come to my side like yesterday,’ ‘I’ll wait for Kim Taehyung,’ ‘Taehyung, protect the country! We’ll guard by your side,’ expressing the fans’ love.

On the other hand, on the 12th, Jungkook and Jimin are scheduled to enlist together in the Army’s 5th Infantry Division Basic Military Training Corps, where their eldest member Jin is currently serving as an assistant instructor.

BTS began their military service starting with Jin in December of last year, and J-Hope has already enlisted as an active-duty soldier in the Army. Suga is currently fulfilling his alternative military service as a social service worker. They are anticipated to resume full-group activities in 2025.

Source: Daum

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