BTS Suga “Jimin, you’ve been showing your skin a lot more as you get older”

BTS Suga pointed out member Jimin’s exposure.

In the “[SUCHWITA] EP.7 SUGA with Jimin” video released on the “BANGTANTV” channel on March 27th, Suga looked at the cover of Jimin’s new solo album “FACE”. He then said, “Why are you showing so much skin these days? You’ve been showing your skin a lot more as you get older.”

BTS Suga

Hearing this, Jimin hinted, “I take off my shirt once in the music video.” Suga teased Jimin, “You go shirtless in the music video? Your body isn’t that good, is it?”

Suga caused laughter as he added, “I’d get it if your body was like it was in ‘No More Dream’.” Jimin responded with a smile, “I don’t have any muscles, that’s for sure.”

Jimin, who released his first solo album, talked about the difficult process, “I didn’t know it would take this long. It took me nearly a year.” Suga sympathized with Jimin, “There must have been a lot of trial and error since it’s your first solo album and you produced for the first time.”

Meanwhile, Jimin released his first solo album “FACE” on March 24th. “FACE” sold more than 1 million copies on the day of its release, helping Jimin become a million seller.

Source: Daum

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