Sunmi Left Speechless by Pro Gamers Deft and ShowMaker’s Salary during Interview

On March 16th, a video titled “Deft and ShowMaker Form an Entertainment Duo? The Key to Being a Pro Gamer is to Maintain Your Pitch” was uploaded to the YouTube channel “Mobidic”. The video features Sunmi interviewing professional gamers Deft and ShowMaker.


When Sunmi greeted the two gamers and announced that the interview would be conducted in casual language without honorifics, Deft and ShowMaker joked, “Do we have to do that too? That’s not easy.”

When Sunmi asked if Deft moved to a new team this year and received a higher salary, Deft replied that it wasn’t the case and that he just wanted to work with the reliable team members, including ShowMaker.

When Sunmi asked about their salaries, the two hesitated, saying, “Can we say it?” Sunmi then asked them to whisper the number to her, so the two quietly disclosed their annual salary to Sunmi. 


Sunmi was surprised by the amount and said, “You guys have probably already bought a house with that money. What are you doing with it?”

ShowMaker replied, “I’m not interested in buying anything. I only spend it on food,” while Sunmi laughed and said, “You’re just obsessed with games.”

Sunmi looked at ShowMaker’s prize money of about 428 million won (approx. 361,000 USD) on his Namuwiki page and said, “4 billion won (approx. 3.3 million USD) is nothing. I heard it from you guys myself.”


Even though Deft’s Namuwiki page showed that he had earned over 700 million won (approx. 590,000 USD) in prize money, Sunmi said, “Everyone, this is nothing,” drawing even more curiosity. 

Meanwhile, Deft earned his first championship title at the League of Legends World Championship (LOL World Cup) in 2022.

Source: Insight. 

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