Aespa Explains Meaning of The Choreography That Supposed To Imitate BLACKPINK

Only a few hours left, aespa will officially return with the first mini album in their career, Savage.

aespa will officially return with MV Savage at 6 p.m. (KST) on October 5. This is aespa’s first comeback after nearly 5 months since the release of Next Level. Savage is also aespa’s first mini-album, therefore fans are particularly excited about it.

Before releasing the MV, on the morning of October 5, aespa had a press conference to introduce their new music product. 4 girls appeared in luxurious costumes. During the press conference, aespa shared many interesting things related to the songs in the mini-album Savage as well as the process of song making and choreography.


At the start of the press conference, aespa was informed that the pre-order for the mini-album Savage had reached 400 thousand copies just before the group’s comeback. Karina expressed her gratitude when receiving tremendous support from fans, saying: “I was very surprised to hear that [the album] surpassed 400,000 stock pre-orders. I didn’t expect it to receive so much attention because it’s our first album. Thank you for your love.”


Different from previous products, this time aespa will come back with 6 songs. Winter shared: “This is our first mini-album with a total of 6 songs, including the title song Savage as well as songs of various genres from vibrant dance to lyrical pop. The album not only contains stories that take place in aespa’s worldview like previous singles “Black Mamba” and “Next Level”, but also has a variety of music genres that show the group’s diversity and charm.”


Being a fan of aespa is not an easy thing when the group’s songs always contain stories about the group’s worldview that need to be pondered. Winter talked about the song aenergy: “In our worldview, ae means avatar. There are some other terms related to our worldview like KOSMO and Naevis. We know there are many people who enjoy our lore, so we invite you all to make theories after listening to the lyrics of this song, which are filled with new words. I think the upbeat melody of ænergy and our energy matches well”

With the most anticipated song Savage, Giselle shared: “Savage is a trap genre song centered on drums and bases that features a unique rap, powerful ad-lib, and addictive hooks and cords. Following Black Mamba and Next Level, this song is a story that takes place in the group’s unique worldview.”


Karina shares the most unique points conveyed in Savage’s chorus: “There is a choreography about [the line] ‘You can’t beat me, tsk tsk.’ Fans can easily follow along, so I hope they can enjoy it with us. The key part was directed by Lee Soo Man. We recorded the chords of the chorus as ‘zzzzz,’ but he wanted it to be the key point of the song, so it was revised to ‘tsk tsk.’ When we say ‘I feel really sorry for you,’ we say ‘tsk tsk,’ so the [song’s] message was changed to how the Black Mamba can’t be compared to us.’


She shared more about the main choreography of the song: “As I mentioned while introducing the chorus, it’s a dance that gives off a ‘You’re no match for me’ vibe. This is the Tsk-tsk gesture. -tsk-tsk where you wave your fingers left and right and we call this Savage hand gesture”.

This particular choreography of aespa caused controversy when it looked like How You Like That (BLACKPINK) and Not Shy (ITZY).

The group had an “internal quarrel” when the members were asked to choose the member that best suited the concept of the song “Savage”.

Karina: Winter has short, black hair this time. Her style is a perfect match 

Winter: Ningning has the ability to make a variety of facial expressions, so she was able to express the song very well

Giselle: Everyone. Karina is a good match with our outfits. I really like Winter’s short hair. Ningning tried a new style.

Ningning: Everyone. Karina unnie dyed her hair a wine-red color and it fits her really well. You can get a new vibe from Winter unnie thanks to her short hair. Giselle unnie’s rap break is phenomenal

It’s hard to choose the member that fits the Savage concept the most because each has their own charm

“Savage” is set to be released on October 5 at 6 p.m. KST. Let’s wait for it!

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