Unexpected friendships between BLACKPINK’s Lisa and famous actors

Lisa has yet to make her acting debut, but she is surprisingly close to these famous actors.

Lisa has not turned to acting yet, but that doesn’t stop her from being close to various male actors. This proves Lisa is a “social butterfly” with a friendly personality. 

Lee Soo Hyuk

On October 18, Lisa attended the BVLGARI Avrora Awards. At the event, Lisa reunited with actor Lee Soo Hyuk. The two knew each other from an event 3 years ago and remain close to this day. At the time, Lee Soo Hyuk initiated a conversation with Lisa. 

lisa lee soo hyuk BVLGARI
Lisa and Lee Soo Hyuk in the same frame after 3 years
lisa lee soo hyuk BVLGARI
Lisa and Lee Soo Hyuk sit next to each other
lisa lee soo hyuk
Lisa and Lee Soo Hyuk at an event 3 years ago

Jung Hae In

At BLACKPINK’s concert BORN PINK Day 2 in Seoul, Jung Hae In came to cheer for the group. Although everyone assumed Jung Hae In was there to show support for Jisoo, his co-star in “Snowdrop”, the actor also took selfies with Lisa and her family backstage. Fans are guessing that Jung Hae In and Lisa became close when Lisa visited Jisoo on the set of “Snowdrop”.

jung hae in
Jisoo and Jung Hae In
jung hae in
Jung Hae In snapped a selfie with Lisa and her family from Thailand

Park Bo Gum 

In June 2022, Lisa attended Celine’s fashion show in Paris with Park Bo Gum and BTS’s V. This was when Lisa and Park Bo Gum’s friendship came to fans’ attention. Fans even noticed that Park Bo Gum sweetly lent Lisa his jacket as she was wearing a sleeveless dress. Park Bo Gum was also spotted at BLACKPINK’s recent concert to cheer for Lisa. He was sitting in the area where Lisa’s family and friends were seated, together with TWICE’s Jihyo, Mina, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie and former CLC’s Sorn. 

lisa bts v bo gum
Lisa and Park Bo Gum at Celine’s fashion show
lisa bo gum
Park Bo Gum gave Lisa his jacket
park bo gum
Park Bo Gum spotted at BLACKPINK’s concert

Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo is Lisa’s idol and ideal type. She once expressed her love for Gong Yoo on “Knowing Bros”, saying, “It’s my wish to take photos with Gong Yoo”. Every BLACKPINK member and fan knows how much Lisa likes Gong Yoo. In response to her fan love, Gong Yoo sent his autograph to Lisa. 

Lisa revealed Gong Yoo is her ideal type
Gong Yoo
Gong Yoo knows about Lisa’s love for him

Mark Prin

When Lisa attended an event in Thailand, she met famous Thai actor Mark Prin. Before this, Mark Prin also showed that he is a fan of Lisa. At the moment, the only BLACKPINK member Mark Prin follows on Instagram is Lisa.

mark prin lisa blackpink
Mark Prin and Lisa
mark prin lisa blackpink
Mark Prin only follows Lisa

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