BLACKPINK members finally gathered up, Jisoo giving a spoiler for their comeback?

After finishing their individual schedules, BLACKPINK members finally gathered to prepare for their group activities.

In the evening of November 23rd, BLACKPINK girls drew keen attention from KPOP fans by suddenly uploading photos of the four together on their Instagram accounts at the same time. After such a long time being busy with their personal schedules, all BLACKPINK members finally reunited. In addition, this is also the first time all members were seen together after many controversies related to their individual fandom conflicts occured in October. Finally, BLINKs were able to see BLACKPINK as a whole group!

BLACKPINK reunited new comeback
BLACKPINK suddenly posted similar Instagram stories of their reunion
BLACKPINK reunited new comeback
It seems like the girls were gathering at the practice room to prepare for their upcoming schedule.

After several controversies, from Lisa being mistreated to little promotional activities for Rosé or most recently the intense “fight” in voting for MAMA 2021, the image of BLACKPINK reuniting with all members has comforted BLINKs a lot. Not only did they reveal their group photo, the 4 girls also boasted their new clothes and showed off their close relationship as family members.

BLACKPINK reunited new comeback
Jennie looks like a “baby”

Notably, Jisoo continuously posted photos focusing on the word “Tuesday” on her sweatshirt. Is it simply because today is Tuesday, or could this be a spoiler from Jisoo? Since Jisoo is known as BLACKPINK’s “spoiler fairy”, fans should not miss any details!

BLACKPINK reunited new comeback
Jennie’s story with Jisoo showing off their sweaters 
BLACKPINK reunited new comeback
Is Jisoo giving a spoiler? 

Since Lovesick Girls, it has been almost 14 months without BLACKPINK’s comeback as a whole group. As recently reported, YG’s girl group is expected to make a comeback later this year. Fans are guessing that BLACKPINK members are gathering at the practice room to prepare for the upcoming comeback. Although nothing is confirmed, it seems like BLACKPINK is returning soon! 

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