Former AOA’s Jimin to join an audition program, marking her 1st comeback in 2 years

Jimin, who left AOA in 2020, is confirmed to appear in an audition program and resume her activities after 2 years. 

According to an entertainment industry official on August 1st, former AOA member Jimin will participate in JTBC’s new entertainment program “The Second World”, which depicts a vocal battle between the main rappers of K-pop girl groups. Through the show, ex-AOA’s main rapper Jimin is expected to show off her vocal abilities as an all-around artist. 


Jimin successfully broke the prejudice against idol rappers when she competed in Mnet’s female rapper survival show “Unpretty Rap Star” in 2015.

The main rappers of eight K-pop girl groups, including Jimin, will reportedly go head to head in “The Second World”, drawing high expectations. 

Meanwhile, Jimin withdrew from AOA in 2020 due to the bullying controversy surrounding her former member Kwon Mina. She halted all official activities and went on a hiatus.

aoa jimin

FNC Entertainment, which was Jimin’s agency at the time, said, “We apologize for causing concern to many people due to what is going on with Jimin. Jimin has decided to leave AOA and stop all her entertainment activities.”

After going through a self-reflection period, Jimin resumed her social media activities from the beginning of this year and started communicating with her fans again.

aoa jimin

Jimin broke her two-year hiatus last month and signed an exclusive contract with her new agency, ALO MALO Entertainment. Jimin’s upcoming appearance in JTBC’s “The Second World” will be her first official comeback schedule.

Earlier, when announcing the news of her contract with ALO MALO, Jimin said, “I’m greeting you from my new home. I’ve thought a lot during that time and have had time to reflect on myself. I’m still cautious, but I’m trying to go step by step. Please look forward to my future.”

Source: daum

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