Lisa is pampered in Paris: calling V “oppa” and wearing Park Bo Gum’s jacket

Fans were surprised by Lisa’s close interactions with BTS V and famous actor Park Bo Gum at the Celine fashion show. 

BTS V, BLACKPINK Lisa, and Park Bo Gum’s appearance at Celine’s fashion show in Paris, France has become a hot topic on June 27th. Not befalling the expectations of fans, the trio has boasted close interactions, drawing explosive reactions. In addition, as the only female star, Lisa is pampered by both V and Park Bo Gum. 


As the three stars showed up at the photozone of Celine, the solo song of Lisa, “LALISA” started to play, leading to Lisa herself vibing to the song. Looking at the excited Lisa, V also danced along, as if to cheer her on. In addition, Lisa also addressed V as “oppa” – a Korean term used to express a close relationship between a younger female and an older male. At this, many netizens couldn’t help but express their surprise at the fact that top idols BLACKPINK and BTS are close. 

Lisa addressed V as “oppa”, showing their close relationship 
lisa v
The fandoms of BTS and BLACKPINK don’t often get along, and interactions between the two groups are few and far between, so most people don’t expect Lisa and V to be close 
lisa v
Lisa and V even whispered to each other
lisa bts v bo gum
Lisa looked rather comfortable next to V 
lisa v
Alongside the outstanding visuals of the trio, fans also paid attention to the moments where V and Park Bo Gum took care of Lisa
lisa bts v bo gum
As the only girl, Lisa was pampered by both V and Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum 

Other than V, Park Bo Gum also acted extremely gallantly towards Lisa. When the trio first arrived in Paris, the “Reply 1988” star even received fan letters on behalf of Lisa. The actor then even lent Lisa his jacket, noticing Lisa’s light outfit. 

While there’s no clear moment where Park Bo Gum gave his blazer to the BLACKPINK member, fans were quick to notice Park Bo Gum left the Celine dinner party without his jacket. Meanwhile, Lisa was holding a black blazer. The gentle gesture of Park Bo Gum earned the actor a lot of praise, stealing the hearts of many netizens. 

lisa bo gum
Lisa was caught holding Park Bo Gum’s jacket 
lisa bo gum
The male actor allegedly gave his jacket to Lisa 
lisa bo gum
Park Bo Gum not only helped Lisa receive fan letters, but also acted gallant towards the female idol
Lisa Celine Show
At the Celine event, Lisa showed up in a backless turtleneck, stunning long hair, and a regal aura. Fans couldn’t help but gasp at Lisa’s every appearance 
V BTS Celine Show
Meanwhile, BTS V boasted his CGI-like visuals, worthy of being “world’s most handsome man”
Park Bo gum Celine
Park Bo Gum appeared with a super chic outfit in all black
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