Emma (Street Woman Fighter) bragged about her being late for practice, “I’m the princess of lateness while Rozaline is the queen”

While WANT Emma (real name Song Hyemin) is involved in a controversy over her attitude, her past remarks are being re-examined.

Emma is a dancer who is competing in Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter“. She has shown excellent dance skills as a member of WANT dance crew, which is known to have prepared for their appearance on the show in a hurry.

During the broadcast on October 5th, she caused disappointment due to her insincere attitude and was criticized by leader Choi Hyo Jin several times.

Choi Hyo Jin said, “The most embarrassing thing is that Emma didn’t match her dance details with the whole team. I was ashamed of the fact that the ‘helper’ dancers were all in sync.”

She continued, “Emma got self-quarantine, so she was going to catch up with the schedule afterward. However, she already did everything else except for this. I was a bit disappointed, and I wondered if I was the only person who wanted to do this mission and this program.”

Moreover, a text message stating that Emma and other dancers showed poor manners towards the ‘helper’ dancers was released, and this added to the criticism on Emma.

In addition, Emma’s announcement that she had been late for practice in a chatroom in the past was re-examined. 

On October 6th, a photo of Emma’s texts in the solitary chatroom was shared in an online community. In the conversation, she explained, “I thought I was a late for almost 30 minutes today, but fortunately, I was actually late for only 10 minutes.” Emma also said, “I’m the princess of lateness.” and added, “Rozalin is the tardy queen.”

The fact that Rozalin said in the previous disclosure that a person claimed, “I was nearly 30 minutes late but didn’t apologize” has increased the credibility of the text message reveal.

In response, netizens have shown negative reactions, such as “The fact that she talked about this herself makes me think that she didn’t even realize her fault”, “How could she feel so proud about being late?”, “How great… the princess and the queenㅋㅋ”.

Meanwhile, Emma’s team, WANT, was finally eliminated from “Street Woman Fighter” in that episode.

Source: Dispatch

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