Disappointed with Emma’s lack of focus on practice, WANT’s leader Choi Hyo Jin sent a long message to her

Choi Hyo Jin (WANT’s leader) gave harsh advice to Emma, who showed an insincere attitude.

The latest episode of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” on October 5th showed how each crew prepared for the Mega Crew Mission.

In this mission, WANT invited celebrities, such as Weki Meki Choi Yoo Jung, LOONA Yves, and Lee Young Ji, to help them perform as ‘helper’ dancers.

As the team who recruited the most number of celebrities, it is believed that they were more advantageous than other crews. However, an unexpected issue occurred.

Cracks in their teamwork were captured in the behind-the-scenes video of their practice. Emma, a member of WANT, was seen making mistakes several times because she hadn’t memorized the choreography properly.

Upon seeing this, Choi Hyo Jin said she couldn’t raise her head because “The most embarrassing thing is that Emma didn’t match her dance details with the whole team. I was ashamed of the fact that the ‘helper’ dancers were all in sync.”

She also said, “Emma got self-quarantine, so she was going to catch up with the schedule afterward. However, she already did everything else except for this. I was a bit disappointed and wondered if I was the only person who wanted to do this mission and this program.”

Moana, who silently helped Choi Yoo Jin, also shed tears and shared, “Our team had so many difficulties. I also understood the hard time that teacher (Choi Hyo Jin_ was having, so I wanted to share the difficulties with her. I have done many things that I never expect from my common sense. If it hadn’t been for her, we wouldn’t have been able to go this far.”

Despite these efforts, WANT ranked last among the crews with the lowest score.

After the broadcast, the viewers started to be curious about the text message that Choi Hyo Jin sent to Emma.

In the message, Choi Hyo Jin expressed her disappointment with Emma, “Judge yourself on how much you did your best in practicing as much as you couldn’t dance. I was very disappointed with your attitude today.”

Choi Hyo Jin continued to criticized other members then gave them advice, “The dancers who came to help us are not someone who is weaker than you. Looking at them practicing hard, I feel so grateful and that’s why I think I can’t raise my head. Please think of my position to understand why I’m saying this.”

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