Tzuyu and Mina caused controversy for being ‘quiet’ during Twice’s 8-minute interview

Tzuyu and Mina didn’t say a word even though the other 7 members of the group were talking excitedly.

 A post about Tzuyu and Mina is gaining Once’s attention on Twitter. Fans uploaded Twice’s interview video with Seventeen magazine on June 17 and questioned, “Why didn’t Tzuyu and Mina say a word for more than 8 minutes of the interview?”.

  This is a fun interview, asking the girls about their “embarrassing habits”, favorite beauty products, hobbies in free time, favorite food, favorite stage, songs that make you happy.  The content of Seventeen’s interview was very simple, but fans found it difficult to understand why Tzuyu and Mina did not answer anything like the other 7 members. Both of them only said their greetings “I’m Mina”, “I’m Tzuyu”, then remained silent throughout the interview.

 Some people criticized Tzuyu and Mina for not being excited to participate in the interview, expressing boredom in front of the camera. Many people think that this shows the unprofessional attitude of the two Twice visual members. The lively atmosphere of other members is in total contrast to the silence of Tzuyu and Mina. The two female idols still reacted with smiles, but many people think that this is not enough and they should have spoken up more.

Tzuyu and Mina caused controversy for being 'quiet' during Twice's 8-minute interview

 Meanwhile, some fans think that Tzuyu and Mina’s silence during the interview is not a big deal and they don’t deserve heavy criticism. These two are known as shy and quiet members of Twice, and fans are already used to this reserved side of them. Twice has many talkative members who always brighten up the mood like Da Hyun, Na Yeon, Ji Hyo, Sana, etc., so Tzuyu – Mina’s quietness did not affect the interview much.

Tzuyu and Mina caused controversy for being 'quiet' during Twice's 8-minute interview

 Some comments:

“Mina and Tzuyu don’t need to talk, their presence is enough”; 

“To everyone who complains why Mina and Tzuyu didn’t talk much. If you’re Once you would know that Mina and Tzuyu have quiet personalities, please don’t blame them”; 

“Mina and Tzuyu give off elegant aura. They kept quiet but they were listening to other members”; 

“Why do you guys act like because Tzuyu – Mina didn’t speak, it’s world war? They’ve always been quiet like that”; 

“In a family, there are always members who talk a lot because they are confident and noisy. In Twice, those are Na Yeon, Sana, Momo, Ji Hyo, while Tzuyu and Mina are the type of people who like to sit still and listen more quietly”; 

“Can people stop complaining about Tzuyu and Mina? They’ve been a group for over 5 years and you still don’t know they’re super private? I know we want the best for them but expecting people to change their personality to your own comfort is selfish.”

Source: Izone

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