Thunder talks about marrying Mimi, “Premarital pregnancy rumors are not true. She wants our daughter to resemble Sandara Park”

Thunder expressed affection for his bride-to-be Mimi.

On July 15th, MBLAQ Thunder had an interview with iMBC Entertainment and shared various talks, such as plans for wedding and having children as well as his extraordinary love for Gugudan Mimi.

When asked to define his goal of having a ‘happy family’ after announcing his marriage with Mimi and plans to hold a wedding in the second half of next year, Thunder said, “We always want to live a bright and happy life full of positive energy like the sitcom ‘High Kick!’ or the animated series ‘Crayon Shin-chan’. Our dream is to have a family full of fun stories. Especially, we want to become a couple that can spread positive influence”.

Refuting the rumors and suspicions of a premarital pregnancy behind their sudden dating and marriage news, Thunder said, “We just want to have more time and freedom to enjoy dates and prepare for our wedding. Fortunately, we were given a good opportunity to appear on ‘Second House 2’ so we gained our courage and publicized our relationship. We appreciate Choi Soo Jong, Ha Hee Ra sunbaenims and the production team for their help.”

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Regarding the question about their plans of having children, he smiled and shared, “We want to have a daughter and a son”, adding “I hope our daughter will resemble Mimi, but Mimi wants our daughter to take after me… Actually, she wants our daughter to look like my sister Dara.” He added, “My sister Dara said we looked good together from the first time she saw us as a couple. I’m so grateful that she praised Mimi’s beauty and gave her gifts”. Mentioning Sandara Park’s recent comeback with a mini album, Thunder said, “Mimi and I are always rooting for her activities with all our hearts”.

Emphasizing that they will not neglect their careers even despite dating and marriage issues, Thunder shared, “I’m making hip-hop music and releasing albums. Maybe it’s because I met Mimi, luck also came to me and I will continue doing good music as a hip-hop artist”. He continued, “Mimi released a single album as a soloist after her group disbanded and acted in a movie not long ago. She is in contact with several companies to focus on her acting career, but she will also work hard in various fields”, adding “We have the same goal of appearing on broadcasts and releasing an album together”.

MBLAQ Thunder Gugudan Mimi

Thunder and Mimi appeared on the July 13th broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment program “Second House 2” to meet Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra couple. Since then, they surprised everyone by disclosing their four-year romantic relationship and marriage plan through the program and handwritten letters on SNS. 

Meanwhile, Thunder was born in 1990 and made his debut in 2009 with the five-member group MBLAQ. At the time of his debut, he drew keen attention as 2NE1 Sandara Park’s younger brother. After leaving the group, he pursued solo activities and released his first solo album “THUNDER” in 2016. He also joined “Show Me The Money 11” last year and acted in various dramas.

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Born in 1993, Mimi is three years younger than Thunder. She debuted as a member of Gugudan in 2016 then switched to acting after the group disbanded in December 2020. 

Seeing the kind and talented idol couple bravely publicizing their romance to continue planning for marriage, the public applauded and poured congratulations.

Source: Nate

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