Jang Da Ah to make acting debut in drama “Pyramid Game”, will she succeed beyond the title ‘Jang Won Young’s older sister’?

Rookie actress Jang Da Ah, known as IVE Jang Won Young’s older sister, will take the first step in her acting career.

According to reports on May 31st, the production of TVing’s original series “Pyramid Game” (written by Choi Soo Yi/ directed by Park So Yeon) has been confirmed with the aim of releasing it next year. Actress Jang Da Ah will appear in this drama.


“Pyramid Game” tells the story of a high school student who has to escape from being bullied and isolated in Class 5 of Grade 2 at Baekyeon High School, where each student is graded through monthly voting and the F-grade student will be the victim of school violence, by becoming a sniper to end the game.

This project stars various new actors. Kim Ji Yeon (Bona), a member of the girl group WJSN, will portray the main character Sung Soo Ji, who becomes a school violence victim as soon as she gets transferred to the school then leads the rebellion. In this drama, Jang Da Ah will appear as Baek Ha Rin, who achieves top grades in school and is the only person to receive an A grade in the popularity vote. Expectations are high for the chemistry between Jang Da Ah and Kim Ji Yeon, who are also senior and junior in the same agency, as they showcase their talents together.


Jang Da Ah recently signed an exclusive contract with Starship Entertainment’s King Kong by Starship, a label for actors, and is preparing to debut as an actress. In other words, she is actually under the same agency with her younger sister Jang Won Young, who is active as a member of the idol group IVE. After it was revealed that Jang Da Ah is Jang Won Young’s older sister, the rookie actress recently showed her face through an advertisement and made headlines by showcasing her elegant and bright beauty as well as resemblances with Jang Won Young.

Her younger sister Jang Won Young has been gaining huge love from the public through various hit song promotions of the fourth-generation representative girl group IVE. Attention is focused on what other unique charms Jang Da Ah, who followed her sister to enter the entertainment industry, will present in the future and how the two sisters will perform in their respective fields.

Source: Nate

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