Kang Daniel shows his potential as an actor     

“Rookie Cops” is attracting great attention as it is Kang Daniel’s debut as an actor.

Usually, when we hear the word youth, we think of various things such as excitement, dreams, and passion. It is the most brilliant time of one’s life and the time to be understood even after failure and trial and error. This is why when we are in our youth, we are not severely reprimanded even if we make mistakes. Disney Plus’s “Rookie Cops” (directed by Kim Byung-soo and written by Lee Ha-na), which started last month, is a youth drama. Such a young and fresh atmosphere deserves a subtle cheer.

Rookie Cops” attracted great attention because it is Kang Daniel‘s debut as an actor, and we saw “youth” just from the way he faced this new acting path. At the beginning of the series, there have been many criticisms due to his somewhat inaccurate pronunciation, but expectations are rising as he shows clear growth after each episode. Kang Daniel is also growing as an actor through trial and error like Seung-hyun, his role in the drama. Even if we can’t praise his performance as a “good job” now, at least his possibility can be clearly confirmed and accepted.

Rookie Cops

Seung-hyun, played by Kang Daniel, enters the police university with the highest score with the intention of becoming a police officer just like his father (Son Chang-min), the head of the National Police Agency, and begins his full-fledged school life. Seung-hyun is classified as a “mom’s friend’s son” in all respects, but instead of walking on the smooth path of elites at school, he gets into trouble as he cannot stand injustice. With the ambition to lead the “Promise of Honor” due to the harsh acts of his seniors, he eradicates abusive language and violence in schools. Kang Daniel’s appearance, shouting “Resolution of Honor” in his low voice, resonates with the spirit of youth.

In addition, the chemistry that goes well with people around him, such as Chae Soo-bin, Lee Shin-young and Park Sung-joon, fills the shortcomings that he cannot handle alone. On the other hand, his love line with partner Chae Soo-bin is as fresh as their great visual combination. In addition, “Rookie Cops” adds the positive energy of various characters that come from the youth genre, so viewers can enjoy it with a clear mind.

Rookie Cops

Growing up through trial and error, that is youth. Even though Kang Daniel may be lacking, we should watch his growth with a generous gaze. Whether he will stagnate or move forward is the key to his work, and it is reassuring that he seems to be on the right track.

The results are not bad either. “Rookie Cops” went viral overseas by Kang Daniel‘s appearance alone and even ranked No.1 on streaming platform Disney+ in Korea. If you watch it without much expectation, “Rookie Cops” is fresh organic food that does not have a strong taste but gives you healthy energy. With a total of 16 episodes, many people wonder how the drama, which has a rather long running time as an OTT work, will satisfy viewers with its organic taste during the remaining 10 episodes.

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