BLACKPINK entertains by reenacting Taeyang’s “legendary” music greetings 

Fans could not help but laugh at the humorous imitation. 

While YG artists boast a close bond with one another, fans can rarely see their public interactions. Nonetheless, the artists know how to maintain their relationship in their unique ways. In the case of BLACKPINK and BIGBANG, BLACKPINK had a fun time teasing their senior Taeyang in the recent rehearsal for the “BORN PINK” concert

blackpink taeyang cover

In the soundcheck session in Copenhagen, Denmark, BLACKPINK greeted their fans by mimicking Taeyang’s famous signature greetings. Jisoo was the first to reenact the greetings soon followed by her fellow members. Fans were extremely entertained by BLACKPINK’s humor. 

BLACKPINK mimicked Taeyang 

Back in their rookie days, BLACKPINK also had a fun time teasing Taeyang by imitating his pronunciation of “arigatou.” BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fans) quickly unearthed this treasure moment and felt great joy at the close relationship that YG artists have kept. 

blackpink bigbang taeyang
BLACKPINK shows off a close relationship with Taeyang 

Source: K14

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