EXO’s Former Member Tao Accused Popular DJ Martin Garrix Of Unprofessional Attitude

The controversy related to the former EXO member and DJ Martin Garrix is causing a stir.

On the evening of April 20, EXO’s former member, Tao, suddenly accused DJ Martin Garrix of being unprofessional and disdainful of him on a livestream. During a livestream done backstage at an event, the former EXO member angrily shared that he and Martin Garrix had agreed to perform together at the Shanghai Music Festival.

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However, the DJ did not follow the plan for unknown reasons. Tao said that Martin Garrix did not participate in the rehearsal and did not participate in their performance at the official event. In the end, Tao had to perform it alone so as not to affect the show. He also apologized to the audience for his performance being different from the previous advertisement.

“I’m over 30 years old and have been in showbiz for 13 years. This is the first time I’ve encountered this situation. He refused to stand on the same stage with me, violating the original agreement without giving any reason. The show started at 7:00 p.m., he did a solo for 1 hour but ignored the performance he was supposed to do with me. I waited for him until 8pm and still didn’t get a response whether he was going to perform with me or not. He was so disrespectful to me. Okay, that’s unacceptable”, Tao expressed his anger on a livestream after the show.

Martin Garrix has also uploaded a video explaining the situation from his side. Due to Martin’s schedule, he could not participate in the rehearsal as Martin and his crew flew in the morning before the show started. Garrix claimed that he was not informed of a collaboration performance with Tao in the beginning. However, it was confirmed with him later. During his set, Tao didn’t show up for the song.

The DJ’s explanation was deemed unreasonable as Tao’s collaboration with him was featured in the event’s poster. Tao even had a livestream backstage during Garrix’s set, in which he continuously asked the production team when he could go on stage.

Currently, the conflict is ​​in the top 5 hottest topics on Weibo (Chinese social network). This controversy is expected to seriously affect the image of the DJ in this market.

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